Understanding Return Policy For Corporate Sellers

U2USHOP.COM has a very fair returns policy in place.


If buyer is not satisfied with the item(s) purchased from the U2USHOP.COM, he/she can return it within 15 calendar days from the day he/she received the order and get a refund from the seller’s U2U account. The “Commission” & “Processing Fee” for the relevant item shall be reversed to store/seller’s U2U Account.

U2U’s courier partner will schedule the return pick up in 3 to 5 working days and will be delivered to the store/seller’s registered address.

Upon receipt of the returned item(s), it is the store/seller’s responsibility to inspect the item.  Make sure that item is in original packaging, with labels and bar code. If all set, the amount will be released to the buyer.

If the item is returned during 15 days due to store/seller’s fault: Our courier partner will be picking and delivering to seller directly. In this case Seller should bear this return shipment cost. If the buyer has paid the shipping fee for the first delivery, then the same will be charged back to the store/seller. (In case of the free delivery, no shipping fee of the first delivery will be charged to the store/seller).

If the item is returned during 15 days by the buyer, if he/she does not like it: Our courier partner will be picking and delivering to store/seller directly. In this case the buyer will bear this return shipment cost (the return item shall be in original condition when purchased by the buyer and the same condition when our courier partner picked the item from the buyer).

If the item is returned with no response from the buyer: Our courier partner will be returning to store/seller. In this case U2U will bare this return shipment cost.