How To Buy

To buy on is easy and simple. Below are the step-wise guidelines that need to be followed to shop in, they are:

Step 1: Search Product(s).

You can choose product(s) from your desired following categories.

Shortcut: Use the following search box, just type the name of your desired product(s) which you are looking to shop such as “Dasami” products or etc.

Step 2: How to order?

Once the product(s) is selected, you will need to click “Add to Cart” with desired number of quantity you are looking for.

Highlights: You can also compare the same product which is offered by other seller(s), based on their reviews/feedback and the offer prices, you can select the product(s) from them. 

You need to click the above icon “1 More Seller” to see “Other Choices”.

Once you have added to the cart, the following message will pop up which shows that the item/product has been successfully added to your shopping cart.

By pressing the “View Cart”, you will see the summary of your shopping, the screen will be looked like follows:

Step 3: Review your shopping and proceed to checkout?

Make sure that you have added all your desired products in the current shopping and in case not covered then press simply “Continue Shopping” appeared on the left bottom. And if your shopping is over then simply press “Checkout” appeared on the right bottom.

Step 4: Sign in to checkout or register your account.

Sign in to your account through the following if you are a registered member.

If you are not a registered member, then simply register by pressing “Continue”.

After registering/signing in your account, press “Checkout” the following screen will appear and you will be asked to fill address details (in case you have to use new address for billings).

You will need to fill address information if your mail address is different from the default address, if different, you will need to click “I want to use a new address”, and the following screen will appear.

Once done please press “Continue” to move to the next step. It will ask you to fill the “Delivery Details”, you can use the existing details as you used for “Billing Details”, in case if it is different you simply click “I want to use a new address”.

Step 5: Place your order?

Once done with step 4, you will need to click and agreed the terms and condition and press “Continue”.

You can choose your desired “Select Payment Method”. Currently we have 3 modes of payment, “PayPal Express Checkout”, “Credit Card” and “Cash on Delivery”.

Step 6: Confirm order?

Once all set, please press “Confirm Order”.

Once you confirm the order, you will be redirected to the following screen.

At the same time, you will be sent an order confirmation email and the content in that email will be looked like follow.

Congratulations! You made a purchase.

Now order has been processed and wait for the delivery.