Operating Regulation Manual

To sell on U2UShop.com is easy and simple. Any trading company may decide to become “Corporate Seller” and sell their products in “Corporate Store” on U2UShop.com. It is an easy process through simplified 3 steps.

1. Email us (about your business and products you deal with) to corporate@u2ushop.com.

2. Our representatives will schedule a meeting with your company representatives.

3. Come paper works, create a corporate store and get ready to sell.

Below are the step-wise guidelines that need to be followed, they are:

Step 1: Register / Login as a “Corporate Seller” from front-end.

Find the “Corporate Seller” button (at right side top), from there you will “create store” and “login”.

Step 2: To Register / Login.

If you are a new “Corporate Seller”, then click “Let’s Start”.

If you are “Already Registered Corporate Seller” then you can directly “Login” appeared on the right side.

Step 3: Registration Process / Create Your Corporate Account.

Once you click “Let’s Start” you will immediately be directed to the new page where you will be asked to input all necessary information such as your “Corporate Store Name”, “Contact Person”, “Company Full Name”, “Email”, and the “Password”.

Once you fill-up all the necessary information, you will be asked at the end to agree the “Online Retail Seller Agreement”, please read and agree / click accordingly. Once you read the “Online Retail Seller Agreement”, there will be a link provided to you for the online retail selling fee. The selling fee will only be charged once your sale transaction is successfully made.

You can now press “Continue”. Once done, you will be redirected to the next page which will ask you to complete your Corporate Seller Profile. This is a small form which contains your company details such as description, avatar & banner, links to social profiles and other things.

Once this form is completed, your “Corporate Seller Account” will set into "pending validation" state for you as U2UShop admin to approve.

As soon as the “Corporate Seller Account” is active, you can start selling in your Corporate Store.

At the same time, you will be getting the confirmation email(s), which will be looking like as follows:

Note: Please note that you cannot access to your dashboard unless it is approved by U2UShop.com Administration.

Step 4: After Approval.

Once the account is approved, you can login with the same “Email Address” and “Password” which you used them while setting up “Step 3: Registration Process / Create Your Corporate Account.”

Once login, you will be redirected to the Account where you will see all modules which you can work on, for instance, Dashboard, Orders, Products, Transactions and etc. 

You can access to your Corporate Account Dashboard that allows you to change your public profiles, list and modify products, view and manage orders and financial information, respond to private messages and specify additional settings.

On the right top, you will see your store name “U2U Connect”.

And the below to this, you will see the complete list of modules under “Corporate Seller” as mentioned above.

Your Corporate Seller Account has 8 different sections, they are:

1. Dashboard

2. Orders

3. Products

4. Transactions

5. Payments

6. Seller Profile

7. Messages

8. Settings

1. Dashboard is the main page designed for a comfortable Corporate Seller Account Management. This page displays all relevant information about the current and last orders as well as sales statistics such as total and monthly orders, revenue and product views.

2. Orders is a separate interface intended for order management. It lists all of your Corporate Store’s orders along with the detailed information about each of them – what products were ordered, which orders are still pending and which are delivered. Each order can be viewed in detail by clicking the “View all orders” above or “Order” button in your Account front. In addition to this, you can generate separate invoices for your customers.

When a customer purchases one or more products from your “Corporate Store”, a new pending order is automatically generated.

As soon as the order is placed, U2UShop.com and you will receive a new order notification. In addition to this, you will automatically receive new balance transactions to your account when the order becomes completed.

It also allows you to manage order status to process and dispatch your orders as well as generate your own invoices and shipping slips to customers. When the order is processed, U2UShop.com and the customer receives a new email notification. Same procedure will be done when you change the status from processed to shipped and shipped to complete.

3. Products interface allows you manage your own products – create and publish new products or modify and unpublished existing products. Each product row contains detailed sales information about this particular products – how many products have been sold, what were the revenues and which products are in and out of stock.

Add new product:

Before adding new products, you must make sure that you have all the necessary information about the product you are adding to your Corporate Store. To get detailed information of your products to your customer. The more information given about a specific product, the more informed the customer will be about that particular product when purchasing it from your Corporate Store.

It’s a very simple to add new product(s). By clicking the “Add new product” on the top left you will be redirected to the following panel:


General information:

The feature of the General information is as follows:

Name: You need specify the name of the product which you are adding.

Description: Text that will describe this product on the product page, to be viewed by the customers in the store front of the shop.

Price: Set a price for the product.

Quantity: The total amount of quantity available in your store for this specific product.


The feature of the categories is as follows:

Categories: Check the categories that the product will be placed into. The product will be listed on the category's page in the store.

Search Optimization:

The feature of the search optimization is as follows:

Tags: Specify a list of comma-separated tags that describe your product the best. If a customer types in this tag in the search box found in the header, the product will be displayed in the search results.

Meta Title: Meta Title is what will appear in the title of your product listing page.

Meta Description: Meta Description is used by search engines to describe your product in search results.

Meta Tag Keywords: Meta Keywords may be used by search engines to determine what your product listing is about.

SEO Keyword: This will appear in the URL of your product page.


Additional data:

The feature of the additional data is as follows:

Model: Create a model number for the product using a combination of letters and numbers. (required)

SKU: It’s “Stock Keeping Unit”, a random code for the product.

Manufacturer: Selecting the product's manufacturer will place the product on the manufacturer's page. Select manufacturers can be viewed on the home page if added to the manufacturer banner.

Out of Stock Status: “In Stock” makes the product publicly available in the store. “Out of Stock” hides it from your store.”2-3 Days” arrange the stock in these days. “Pre-Order” customer can order your products before it launches or before it’s available for purchase.



The feature of the dimensions is as follows:

Size (L x W x H): Enter the “length”, “width” and “height” of the product if there are dimensions to include. Length class determines the metric units for the dimensions above.

Weight: Enter a number for the “Weight”. And weight class specify the units of weight for the number entered into "Weight".



The feature of the attributes is as follows:

Attributes are the specifications that are compared between products in the Product Comparison. For example, if a customer wanted to compare monitor size of a computer monitor with another product with a monitor, we could create an attribute for the product. Under "Attribute" we would call it "Monitor size"; in the Text box area we would type the dimensions of the monitor of that specific product, and click "Add Attribute". See Attributes for a more in depth explanation of attributes.



The feature of the options is as follows:

Options are extra selections that a customer can make on the Product page before adding the product to the shopping cart. One example of an option is "size". Begin by typing "size" into the search box. Size should appear in a drop down box. Select it, and click on the green add button. On the right, click "Add Option Value".

In this section any option can be added, such as "Large". To subtract from the quantity every time a product is purchased with this option, you can select "Yes" under "Subtract Stock". An increase of price can be added to the option value, points, and weight. Click "Add Option Value" to assign that information to that specific option value. You can click "Remove" to erase the option value. See Options for a more in depth explanation of the options feature.


Special Prices:

The feature of the special prices is as follows:

 The Special tab is identical to the Discount tab, except that this offer will be considered a special, not a discount. Fill in the “Priority”, “Price”, “Start date”, “End date”.


Quantity Discounts:

The feature of the quantity discounts is as follows:

Priority: Adding a priority number such as 1, 2, or 3, will determine when this discount will be used when other discounts are applied to a customer's order. 1 will apply this discount first, while 2 will apply it second, and so on.

Quantity: The limit for the amount of products that can apply this discount.

 Price: The discounted price.

Start date: The first date the discount will be applied.

 End date: The last date available for use of the discount; the date the discount will end.



The feature of the images is as follows:

Image: You can either do drop files to upload or you can select files to upload new image which will be shown at the front for customers’ view.


The feature of the files is as follows:

Files: If the product is a downloadable product, select the file that will be included with the purchase.


4. Transactions or Your Finances is a page listing all incoming and outgoing corporate seller balance transactions. When a product is sold, you will receive an incoming transaction to your balance account which can be withdrawn to the payment account in the future. Transactions interface lists all sales and refund transactions as well as the overview of Corporate Seller's balance.

When a customer makes a purchase, a new order is created and a balance transaction is generated for each of your products minus commission fee and order processing fee.

5. Payments page lists all of Corporate Seller's payments to and from U2UShop.com. This includes marketplace signup fees, product listing fees as well as corporate seller balance pay-outs from U2UShop.com. At the moment signing up and product listing are absolutely free.

6. Seller Profile section allows you to adjust your public profile, change your store description and the look and feel of your Corporate Store. This page also lets you specify your social network profiles, featured products and other relevant information.

You can describe your Corporate Store to give customers detailed information about your company – who you are, what you offer, what are your delivery and return policies and other important information about your store.

In addition to this, you can upload your avatar and banner – avatar is displayed on all public Corporate Store pages while the banner can be used to give the main profile page a good touch.

You can specify a list of your top products to feature in the main profile page. Additionally, there is a separate "Store" page listing all products belonging to your store.

7.  Messages interface contains a list of conversations with your customers. This is intended for onsite messaging with customers to provide updates to your orders, answer their questions and discuss product returns.

8. Settings page lets you change various information related to your corporate account such as payment and invoicing details and other internal corporate account settings.