FAQ For Corporate Sellers


What is U2USHOP.COM?

U2USHOP.COM FZC (“U2UShop.com”) is the first electronic Corporate Marketplace in the UAE region.

U2USHOP.COM was established with the aim of providing a unique platform that makes it easier than ever for corporate sellers to advertise, promote and sell their products and for buyers to purchase and make payments for these products.

U2USHOP.COM was established in January 2016. From 2014 to 2016, it was wholly run and managed by U2U. The Head Office is located at Level 19, Festival Tower, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


How do I sell in U2USHOP.COM?

Selling in U2USHOP.COM is very easy. The procedure is user-friendly. For step-by-step guidelines please visit this page “Retailers Operating Regulation”.


Who can sell in U2USHOP.COM?

Only “Corporate Retailers/Sellers” can sell their products in U2USHOP.COM.

U2USHOP.COM has raised the opportunity for third parties (Retailers/Sellers) to rent out the shelves (on a commission basis) to sell to the consumers directly. Only corporate retailers/sellers will have access to this facility subject to the successful clearance of KYC policy and procedure by U2U legal & assurance team. Once that is successfully done, you can go ahead and create your shelf with 100% support from the U2U’s sales team.


Why only Corporate Retailers/Sellers?

Buyers always need reassurance that they have made a good buying decision. Consequently, U2USHOP.COM considers all consumers as “smart buyers” so buying any item from U2USHOP.COM must be their smart choice. They cannot be embarrassed by their decision and that is why U2USHOP.COM has raised the opportunities exclusively for “Corporate Quality Retailers/Sellers”.

Secondly: This gives our members/consumers the assurance that they are getting a best choice & price.


Why should I have a shelf in U2USHOP.COM and what are the benefits?

Setting up your shelf in U2USHOP.COM can potentially boost your sales. There are numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • More Stock Turnover: It makes it easier for you to get extra money with no effort. Our team will help you get more opportunities to sell.
  • Customer Acquisition: Once you get an order through U2U platform, you will have more chances for the repeat orders through our excellent services.
  • Very Easy & Quick Listing: 100% support and help to list as many products as you want. We are with you every step of your way.
  • Absolutely Free to List: No upfront payments required for an unlimited number of products.
  • Security: Feel safe and secure (Your trust is our strength).

Can we sell items internationally?

Not at the moment but soon you will be able to sell internationally. Our sales team is working on this.



What is the setup / registration fee of a corporate store in U2USHOP.COM?

Setting up a store is absolutely free. However, your corporation will be required to complete all necessary legal procedures prior to setting up your corporate store. You can visit Open Your Corporate Store.



How can I log into my Corporate Store?

Any ‘Store Authorized member’ (who has been given access or authorized by the Corporate Store Owner) can simply sign in on the top right corner in U2USHOP.COM or simple visit Corporate Account Login.


We forgot our password, what shall we do?

It’s easy. You can click “Lost Your Password” and enter your corporate registered email address associated with the account and you will be emailed your password.


How can I be an Authorized Store Representative?

Upon registration, you must be given an authorization from the store owner. Please contact your store owner.



How much do we need to pay as item listing fee?

Listing products in U2USHOP.COM is absolutely free.


What is the item listing limitation?

There is no limitation to the number of items you can list.


When is the commission fee due/calculated?

Commission fee is due/calculated when you successfully sell an item in U2USHOP.COM.


How much do we need to pay a product commission fee?

Please visit page Online Retail Selling Fee for the detailed commission fee structure.



What are the important points shall we consider while listing the items?

Following points shall be considered while listing the items/products:

1. Certain Warranties Not Permitted: Seller shall not provide, offer, or advertise a "lifetime warranty," "lifetime guarantee," or any other guarantee for a period of more than one-hundred and eighty (180) days without the express written consent of U2USHOP.COM.

2. Adequate Inventory: Seller shall maintain sufficient inventory to fulfill purchases by U2USHOP.COM for resale to customers in a timely manner. Seller shall not rely on the existence of a particular transaction to obtain funds or credit to enable a seller to obtain the product necessary to complete the transaction.

3. Products:  The seller shall only sell items which correspond to its images and description listed and/or sold on U2USHOP.COM through the seller account. The seller shall not sell any used, counterfeit or tester products on U2USHOP.COM and agrees to indemnify U2USHOP.COM in the event of any complaints arising out of listing / sales of such products on U2USHOP.COM.

4. Limitations on Sale of Products: U2USHOP.COM may prohibit the sale of products mentioned in its Prohibited Items List (Please refer our Prohibited Or Restricted Items List in Terms and Conditions).

5. Sales of Counterfeit Products: The seller shall not sell any counterfeit products. Seller accepts and agrees that in the event that U2USHOP.COM or its users identify a product listed on U2USHOP.COM as counterfeit including any products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, manufactured, or not for sale in a particular territory, the seller’s details can be shared with the concerned government authorities.

6. Authenticity: Don’t list if the product is not authentic. Sellers need to be sure that the product is authentic before listing product.

7. Wrong Categories: Don’t list the product in a wrong category (for instance, Samsung smartphones in Apple or Huawei or any other which does not belong to that placement/category. Placement in a wrong category is not allowed; your listing will be removed by U2USHOP.COM.

8. Product Title & Description Guidelines: Be honest, precise and accurate while creating a product title and preparing the description of it. Buyers should find the exact product they are looking for. Please note the following:

            For Title:

                        - Huawei Mobile, ITS WRONG (Be precise and accurate). Write Huawei Mate 8, Gold, 32 GB.

                        - Don’t include quantity (Quantities shall only be included in the quantity section).

                        - Don’t use special characters such as !£@?<>*^$.

                        - Don’t include contact information such as email address, phone/mobile number, any social media account name, etc.

                        - Don’t include any website links/address.

             For Description:

                        - Include offer/promotion note to attract customers.

                        - Try to give main features point to attract more customers.

                        - Provide complete and accurate details when describing the product.

                        - Don’t include quantity (Quantities shall only be included in the quantity section).

                        - Description of Huawei Mate 8, Gold, 32 GB shall not be included in white product option.

                        - Don’t use special characters such as !£@?<>*^$.

                        - Don’t include contact information such as email address, phone/mobile number, any social media account name, etc.

                        - Don’t include any website links/address.

9. Manufacturer/Brand: Be honest and sure. Don’t forget to include the Manufacturer/brand name. The brand information should be accurate and properly describe the specific product you are selling.

10. Competitive Retail Price: Be consistent on setting a competitive price to get more confidence from buyers. This will eventually lead to more sales turnover and profit.

11. Suggested Retail Price: The price that you input into U2USHOP.COM is the recommended selling price of the items. To eliminate any doubt, while you may provide suggested retail prices for items, U2USHOP.COM is solely responsible for setting the retail price at which items are sold to customers, which may reflect the Suggested Retail Price at U2USHOP.COM's discretion.

12. Duplicate Listing: Listings are considered duplicates if they are for items that have no significant difference between them, or if the listings appear to be for the same item in search results. To prevent your listings from being treated as duplicates, make sure you clearly show the differences in the product title, price, images, description and item specifications. We may also look at other parts of the listing, such as the description, to determine whether it's a duplicate or not. In case we find no difference in Duplicate Listing then this is not allowed and your listing will be removed by U2USHOP.COM.

13. Proper Image(s): Each listing should have a proper image(s) in U2USHOP.COM. The more appropriate images the listing has the higher the chances for increased sales. The image(s) should really define the product listing and its description.

Image Preferences:

  • U2USHOP.COM prefers 4 images of each listing
  • Image size preferably be 400 x 400
  • Should be vertical facing images
  • Horizontal images not allowed
  • Watermark is not allowed


We don’t have images of our products, what should we do?

Don’t worry, please contact our sales team at sales@u2ushop.com, they will arrange for a photographer and will do the photo shoot for you.


Can we list the same items in more than one category?

Yes, you can list the same items in more than one category provided the title and description match that category. For instance, Dasami CEO's Bag Original Leather (Brown) can be listed in the following two categories:

Shoes & Bags > Men > CEO Bags

Shoes & Bags > Men > Laptop Bags


We cannot find the right category for our product to be listed, what shall we do?

If you cannot find the category, we recommend that you search from “Shop by Categories”. And if you still not able to identify, you can create one yourself. Our administrator will review and approve accordingly, once done your product can be listed in your desired category.


Why is our product being rejected, we are not able to list it?

Your product might be in our Prohibited or Restricted Items List. If you still require assistance, please contact our sales team at sales@u2ushop.com.


What language should we use to list the item?

You can use both English and Arabic. If you don’t know the Arabic, we will do it on your behalf at no cost.


What should the weight limit of the item be?

You can list any item that does not weigh more than 20 kilograms.


What is the product listing limitation?

There is no limitation to list the products. You can list as many products as you want.


Can U2USHOP.COM list the product on our behalf?

U2USHOP.COM will provide you 100% support and help to list as many products as you want. U2USHOP.COM is with you every step of your way. Please note that you should provide proper information of the product such as name, brand, product title, description, images, etc.


We have so many products, can we upload them all in one go?

Yes, you can list your products in one go. Please see the section “How can I upload products in bulk?” in Store Resolutions.


Will the product goes live immediately after uploading/submitting the listing?

No, it has to pass through the approval process. The product will go live only after everything is okayed.


How long does the approval process take?

The approval process will take from 1 to 2 working days.


It’s more than two days and  our products have not been approved yet, what shall we do?

If the product has not been approved in the standard approval timeline, please contact our sales team at sales@u2ushop.com.



After signing into the corporate store, I see a lot of information what is all that?

Once you are log into the corporate store, you will be directed to the Seller Board/Panel/Dashboard where you can work from. For instance, you can manage products, add new products, etc. from here.


What is the seller board?

Corporate Seller board is the back-end of your corporate store. Corporate Seller Account has 8 different sections, they are:

·         Dashboard

·         Orders

·         Products

·         Transactions

·         Payments

·         Seller Profile

·         Messages

·         Settings


How do I add a new product?

It’s very simple to add new product(s). By clicking the module “Add new Product” you will be directed to the panel which will ask you the following:

·   General Information: Information such as product name, description, price and quantity.

·    Categories: The categories that the product will be placed into. The product will be listed on the category's page in the store.

·   Search Optimization: Information such as tags, meta title, meta description, meta tag keywords, SEO keyword.

·   Additional Data: The additional tab includes all the product criteria that will be included on the product page such as Model, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Manufacturer, Out of Stock Status.

·    Dimensions: It represents Size and Weight.

·    Attributes: These are the specifications that are used to compare products in the Product Comparison section. 

·    Options: These are extra selections that a customer can make on the Product page before adding the product to the shopping cart, such as size, weight and etc.

·    Special Prices: The Special tab is identical to the Discount tab, except that this offer will be considered a special, not a discount. Fill in the “Priority”, “Price”, “Start date”, “End date”.

·     Quantity Discount: Here you are required to fill the information (if needed) related to quantity, priority, price, start date and end date.

·     Images: You can either do drop files to upload or you can select files to upload new image which will be shown at the front for customers’ view.

·     Files: If the product is a downloadable product, select the file that will be included with the purchase.

For further guidance, please visit page on Operating Regulation Manual.


How do I use ‘’manage options’’?

Manage options let you customize what details the customer sees when checking out a product. On the product page, the "Available Options" section is displayed under the price. The option for that product must be selected before the customer can add the product to the shopping cart.

Essentially, the options can be created to fit whatever added specifications are needed for the customer to purchase the product.

For example, if you would like the customer to choose a size for a particular product before checking out, you can create a "Size" option.


How do I manage attributes?

Manage attributes let you edit the attributes compared between products in "Product Comparison". When viewing products in the storefront, customers have the option to add products to "Add to Compare" in order to analyze the similarities and differences between products in the store. Attributes can be used to describe the size, weight, color and any other specifications of the product that have potential for comparison. 


How do I upload images?

You can upload as many images as you want either through the drag and drop option or by pressing the “Upload” button.


How do I manage categories?

You can create new categories (which are not existing in the category list) for those products you are willing to list which have no relevant/specific category. Once you create the new category and save it, you will see the message “Thank you for posting your category. Your category has been sent to admin for approval”. The same will go to the administration for the approval, once approved, the category will go live.


What do you mean by ‘adding new downloads’?

This section is only applicable to you if you sell digital products or products that have a downloadable component such as a PDF User Guide or similar. To insert a new download, you must give the downloadable product a name, upload the file, and set an allowance for the number of downloads per customer. The mask option allows the administrator to give the file a different visible filename. Press "Save" to submit the download information and save it.

With the download is created, it must be manually added to each individual product that the download will be included with.

The downloadable file will not be shown on the product page. Therefore, it is a good idea to describe how the customer will receive their download in the product description on the product page. The download will be provided to the customer once their purchase is complete. They should be advised to visit "My Account" > "My Orders" > "Downloads" to view their downloadable products. They will have the opportunity to download the file as many times as it was specified under "Total Downloads Allowed".


How do I edit my account information?

You can edit your account information details such as E-mail Address, Telephone and About Us. Once done you may proceed by pressing the “Continue” button. If you do not want to change anything then simply press back button on the left bottom.


We would like to change our password, how do we do that?

It’s very easy. Go to the “Change your password” section, insert your new password and confirm the same password again. That’s it.


Can we change the store name?

Yes, you can request to change your corporate store name. Please contact support@u2ushop.com.


Who manages the payment?

U2USHOP.COM manages the payment on your behalf. Once the order is delivered to the customer, the amount will be credited to your U2U’s account in 5 working days.


How will we be paid?

You can choose from three payment methods such as “PayPal”, “Cheque” and “Bank Transfer”. PayPal requires the email address which you have registered while creating a PayPal account. Once you opt for PayPal account then all payments will be received on your PayPal account. If you would like to receive the payment through a Cheque(s), you will need to mention the payee name. And if you decided to receive the payment through Bank Transfer then you will need to provide bank name, account number, account name and other relevant bank details. However, you can change the payment option as and when required.


In which currency will we be paid?

Payments will only be made in AED.


Are there any bank charges upon transferring the fund to our bank account?

Yes, AED 25 per funds transfer will be charged to your account. For instance, your store has U2U’s Account balance - AED 5,000 and you request to withdraw the same, your company will get credited by AED 4,975 in the bank statement. 


What is the time period for the bank transfer?

It will take 2 to 3 working days from the day of withdrawal request.


How can we view the order history?

You can view in detail the history of your customers’ order transactions in “View Your Order History” under “My Orders”.


How can we see transactions with U2USHOP.COM?

You can check your account balance and manage your available funds in “Your Transactions” under “My Order”.



How can we add warranty information in the product listing?

Warranty information can be given in the warranty section note or in the product description. Please note that detail information should be given to make your sale more successful such as who (you or the manufacturer) is providing warranty and the warranty period.


How can we prioritize our listings?

You can prioritize and display your product listing on the featured tab in the home page. For further guidance, please contact at sales@u2ushop.com.


What are the other ways I can prioritize my listing?

You can give your corporate store a brand identity by putting up your store banner and logo. This will help customers recognize your store name or logo and attract more customers to your store.


Can I remove offer note?

Yes, you can remove offer note as and when required. However, it is a good idea to keep giving offers to customers in order to attract more customers to your corporate store.



How do we know if a customer places an order from our store?

You will get an order confirmation email and SMS immediately after the customer places an order. You can also view/check in “My Order” > “View your order history”, your new order will also reflect here.


How do we confirm the order?

Once the order is placed by the customer that order is considered confirmed. It cannot be canceled and you will need to ship it. Please refer Product listing guidelines “Adequate Inventory”.


How can we change the order status?

Be honest and accurate when you change the order status. You can change status step by step to get your customer updated, there are following 5 steps/statuses.

  • Pending – Once you get the order, the customer will see the order status “Pending”. We recommend you regularly check your “registered email” or “view your order history” in order to process the order quickly and achieve more customer satisfaction level.
  • Processing – Once you see that the order is placed, you can immediately press “Processing” so that customer will know his/her order movement.
  • Processed – Once the order is ready and packed with Airway Bill (AWB) print out, you can change the status to “Processed”. Now you wait for the courier to pick the order from your registered business address.
  • Shipped – Once the order is picked from the courier, you can immediately change the status to “shipped”. Customers always like to see their new order movements, If you keep updating the order status, customer will not only be pleased but there will be high chance of repeat orders.
  • Complete – You will need to check the shipping status. After the order is delivered you may straight change the order status to “Complete”. Now wait for the money to get credited to your account.


When can we get our money and what is the pay period of the items sold in U2USHOP.COM?

The Pay Period can be either one week or one month's worth of sales. Each week making up the Pay Period runs from Sunday to Sunday (with all of the week's orders up to midnight GMT on the Sunday being included. U2USHOP.COM settles two weeks in arrears (please refer to the Operating Regulations). In case the item is going to be returned on Sunday’s sales the amount will be deducted from your upcoming sales.



How can we package our products?

It is advisable to ensure that all products are properly packaged preferably in your brand box. Use bubble wrapping and taping with U2USHOP.COM mark.


Why should I tape with U2USHOP.COM mark?

You will be given tape with U2USHOP.COM mark/logo. When you apply the tape in your packaging, customers will be more confident that the order has been properly taken care. In addition, this but will give the store/seller an additional edge when inspecting any item that is returned. In a case of a returned order, you might see the order package was scratched/unwrapped first with U2USHOP.COM tape which will help to process the partial or full refund for store/seller and U2USHOP.COM.


Can we put our contact details in the package?

Yes, you can, but in our experience, providing contact details in the package will distract the customer loyalty from buying from your store again. We recommend that you do not disclose your information in the order package so that the customer’s experience will have a continuous growth buying from your corporate store in U2USHOP.COM.


Do we need to add Airway Bill (AWB) on the order package?

Yes, you will need to add Airway bill (AWB) on the order package. The courier company will not accept the shipment without the Airway bill (AWB).


Who is the courier company?

Parzel Express & Logistics LLC is our courier partner.

Contact details:

Office 2, Street 5B,
Al Qouz Industrial Area 1

P.O. Box 3781

T: 6005 33330

E: contact@parzel.com


What if courier guys do not come in 2 days?

In this case, you can simply visit the location and deliver it. Parzel’s office is opened 24 hours 24/7.


Who pays the shipping cost?

If your store provides free shipping, that will certainly give a competitive edge among other corporate stores who are not offering free shipping. We recommend that you regularly check your competitors’ offers and design your offers in a way the customers get attracted to your store rather than your competitor’s stores.


Yes, we would like to offer free shipping but how will the shipping cost be paid?

In this case, the shipping cost will be deducted from your account balance as the commission and processing fee are charged.



How can we get the return from the buyer?

Our courier partner will pick the return item from the buyer. They will schedule the return pick up in 3 to 5 working days and delivered it to the store/seller’s registered address.


What is U2USHOP.COM return policy?

To understand U2USHOP.COM return policy, please visit page Understanding Return Policy.



How can we do the pricing of the product?

It is your responsibility to set the price of the product(s). Please refer in detail to “Suggested Retail Price Section”.

What is the right way to price? If the market value of the item is AED 100 then the price should not be more than that. In case you would like to offer discount then the discount shall be given on AED 100. For instance, if the discount is 50%, then the discount offer shall be applied on AED 100.

What is the wrong way to price? You cannot increase the price of the aforesaid item by AED 200 and then apply discount for 50% THAT’S WRONG. This is a scam and is dishonest.

The market is very competitive and customers know what they are buying and what is the market price.