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Asrock G41C-S LGA 775 Motherboard  

SKU: S0022 G41C-S    Brand: ASROCK   Product:  Intel Motherboards      Model: G41C-S   ID:    5961     PRODUCT SPEC..

AED180.00 Ex Tax: AED180.00

Asrock Intel Mother Board

S0022 G41C-S   Asrock    Intel Motherboards   Asrock G41C-S LGA 775 Motherboard   Model: G41C-S ID : 5961..

AED180.00 Ex Tax: AED180.00

Asrock Intel Motherboard

S0022 G41M - VS3 R2.0    Asrock    Intel Motherboards    Model: ASROCK G41M - VS3 R2.0    G41M - VS3 R2.0  ID:  6099  &n..

AED260.00 Ex Tax: AED260.00

ASUS    Intel Motherboards    ASUS P8H77-V  

SKU: S0022 P8H77-V    Model:  P8H77-V    ID:  6442     PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSBrandASUSModelP8H77-V / #6442Date first available21 October, 2014Wei..

AED590.00 Ex Tax: AED590.00

Intel Core i3 2120 Dual-Core 3.3Ghz 3MB Cache LGA 1155 | BX80623I32120

SKU: S0022 BX80623I32120    Brand: Intel    Intel Core i3 Processors        Model: BX80623I32120    ID:      6073&n..

AED480.00 Ex Tax: AED480.00

Intel Core i5 670 3.46GHz (up to 3.73Ghz) 4MB LGA 1156 73W | BX80616I5670

SKU: S0022 BX80616I5670    Intel    Intel Core i5 Processors        Model: BX80616I5670   ID:    6199   P..

AED875.00 Ex Tax: AED875.00

Intel Core i7 3930K Sandy Bridge-E 6-Core 3.2GHz (up to 3.8GHz) 12MB Cache LGA 2011 130W | BX80619i73930K

SKU: S0022 BX80619i73930K  Brand:  Intel    Intel Core i7 Processors      Model:  BX80619i73930K    ID:  6075   &nb..

AED2,270.00 Ex Tax: AED2,270.00

Intel Core i7 870 Lynnfield Quad-Core 2.93GHz 8MB Cache LGA 1156 95W | BX80605I7870

S0022 BX80605I7870Intel Core i7 ProcessorsIntel Core i7 870 Lynnfield Quad-Core 2.93GHz 8MB Cache LGA 1156 95W | BX80605I7870Model: BX80605I7870ID:5517..

AED1,185.00 Ex Tax: AED1,185.00

Intel Core i7 Processor

S0022 BX80601950    Intel    Intel Core i7 Processors  Intel Core i7 950 Bloomfield Quad-Core 3.06GHz 8MB Cache LGA 1366 130W | BX80601950    Mod..

AED1,160.00 Ex Tax: AED1,160.00

Intel Core i7 Processors    Intel Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition 3.3Ghz (up to 3.90GHz) 15MB Cache LGA 2011 130W | BX80619I73930K

SKU: S0022 BX80619I73930K    Model: Intel        BX80619I73930K   ID:   6145     PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSBrandIntelModelBX..

AED3,950.00 Ex Tax: AED3,950.00

 Intel Core i3 540 Clarkdale Dual-Core 3.06GHz 4MB Cache LGA 1156 73W withh Intel HD Graphics | BX80616I3540

SKU: S0022 BX80616I3540   Intel    Intel Core i3 Processors     Model;  BX80616I3540   ID:  6198     PRODUCT S..

AED350.00 Ex Tax: AED350.00

 Intel Core i5 2400 Processor 3.1Ghz (up to 3.4Ghz) 6MB Cache LGA 1155 95W BX80623I52400

SKU: S0022 BX80623I52400   Brandl: Intel    Intel Core i5 Processors      Model: BX80623I52400    ID:   6074    PRODUCT SPECI..

AED750.00 Ex Tax: AED750.00

 Intel Core i7 Processors BX80601960  

S0022 BX80601960   Intel    Intel Core i7 Processors Intel Core i7 960 Bloomfield Quad-Core 3.2GHz 8MB Cache LGA 1366 130W | BX80601960    Model: BX8060196..

AED1,200.00 Ex Tax: AED1,200.00

 Intel Motherboards    GIGABYTE GA-H77-DS3H 

SKU: S0022 GA-H77-DS3H    Model: Gigabyte      GA-H77-DS3H      ID:    6441   PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSBrandGigabyteModelGA-H77-..

AED499.00 Ex Tax: AED499.00